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Hi there, this may be coming out of the blue, but I'm shutting down the Corex project.

Over several months of thinking and pondering, I've decided it's better to start the next chapter to life as I leave a collection of songs that went from generic to make it big, to taking a step in my head and show how I'm feeling. I would like to thank you for all the support over the years and my community server members for making a place to communicate together. Music will always be a part of my life, and production will take a while before I can get back into it.

2021 will be my final year, and I plan on having releases until the end which I will now showcase now.

Ending 2020, My ep COREX & FRIENDS will drop, a collaborative album with many producers and people I've met along the way. In the beginning of 2021, I will release a original ep with some tunes I've been cooking up recently. Then, the COREX ARCHIVES will release. it will be a full album full of songs that didn't quite make it to full release due to loss of ideas or internal judgement. I wanted to show off cool Ideas I had.. I have ALOT of projects. Finally... nearing the end of 2021, My final ep will release. A thank you for all the support with songs that speak to me on a deeper level. After this all happens and the last ep is released, I will work on my last song.. I'm unsure of how long it will take, But I will make it my best work. I'm calling it "Goodbye" for now.

Q&A: What will happen to my socials?

I will keep the up for a while after so myself and others can go back and still listen to my stuff. But I eventually will be taking down/un-listing videos and songs.

Why are you doing this???

With a lot of changes in my life happening, I feel it's time to focus on bigger things and put away things that might take up my time. Also, I'm tired of doing everything myself for my project, from marketing,promoting,making the art, making the music,and trying my best to stay active is a lot to carry by myself.

Will you still be making music?

After a long needed hiatus, Yes. I will return to producing and making tunes.

´╗┐Will Corex ever return? We'll see what happens ;) Corex may come in a new form. Maybe it will be something completely different. Let's just see what the future holds Can I still remix your current and upcoming releases? Of course! Just message me and I'll be sure to send you the stems to whichever project you would like to remix/cover/whatever you'd like.

Thanks again everyone, Corex (PS. I might also sprinkle some remixes here and there too) :)


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